Artificial Turf and Putting Green to make slopes useable and solve drainage problems

Clean and useable
Clean and usable

Southwest Greens was contacted by the VanTussenbroeks to transform their front and backyard into useable areas that struggled because of shade, water restrictions, pet use, and severe slopes.   The VanTussenbroeks, in a high-end home area, selected Southwest Greens New Mexico because of our reputation and the best artificial turf golf green and lawn product company in the world and were familiar with almost 100 clients in the same area.  As a PGA Professional, Scott, has built and designed 100’s of custom golf greens that allow a golfer to improve their game with chipping and putting on a surface that mimics as closely as possible a real grass golf green.

When thanking John for the business he responded “No, thank you for doing an exceptional job… I always use the best.  When I decided to do this I knew who to call”.  John is a large home contractor, working on homes 4,000 square foot and larger,  and he was considered one of the premier builders in Alto, NM.

We were able to create a free-flowing backyard by changing the slope to drain away from the house.  The resulting natural curves blended change in elevation.  Edging was added to shape the planter areas which were finished off with Pro 5 weed fabric and rubber mulch.  The green was designed with a first cut (Southwest Greens First Cut Blend) of fringe that blended into the lawn turf our GB003 “Southwest Greens Superlawn 72 Blend.”  Our infilled green with performance cushioning was installed with three hole locations.

The VanT’s Yard is now a showpiece in a showpiece home that their friends, family, and dog can enjoy for years to come without the high maintenance time required from real grass.