My Artificial Grass Is Too Hot In The Sun

So you would like to get artificial grass at your home because of low maintenance costs and no water cost but you still are unsure of making the change to synthetic grass because it gets hot.

Introducing the latest product line from southwest greens called Hydrochill.

It’s no secret that synthetic grass lawns can be hot during summer months. Now, with the development of the HydroChill home evaporative cooling system, you can enjoy your lawn any time of day. That means more comfort for your family and your pets even on the hottest days. Just one more way Southwest Greens is changing how families enjoy their yard

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So, how does HydroChill™ work ?

  • As the synthetic lawn surface is heated by the sun, moisture stored in the HydroChill grass is released. Evaporating moisture removes heat, leaving a cooler,  more comfortable surface for you and your family.
  • HydroChill utilizes moisture to provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew and irrigation can help keep your lawn cool for days, depending on local conditions
  • HydroChill can be incorporated into most Southwest Greens’ infilled lawn systems
  • HydroChill will not affect the durability or warranty of Southwest Greens’ products
  • HydroChill is UV-resistant and should be re-treated every two years for maximum effectiveness


HydroChill patented technology has been developed through years of turf system research.
It has been vetted with laboratory testing and, more importantly, actual outdoor lawn testing.

A standard lawn with a wet surface will cause some cooling, but
temperatures can quickly rise and may exceed uncomfortable
levels of heat. A HydroChill lawn has been shown to create a
substantial temperature differential in real-world applications.
Although results will vary due to geographic location and local
conditions such as wind fluctuations and cloud cover, HydroChill
Home has achieved 30°F to 50°F lower surface temperatures
compared to a standard synthetic lawn surface when measured
by an infrared thermometer.


Do you already have an artificial lawn from another company and wish you could have it treated with this revolutionary product?  Don’t worry,  as long as your grass is infilled with silica sand we can treat your existing lawn.

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