Pet Grass

Albuquerque, NM Dog & Pet Grass

Installing synthetic pet grass in your yard is the perfect way to welcome a pet into your life.  The grass is low maintenance and easy to keep clean so you can spend more time bonding with your new best friend.

Taking on a pet is a big responsibility, especially when it comes to keeping up with your landscaping. From holes dug by a curious dog to yellow, faded patches of grass, keeping a lawn tidy and green can be a daunting task when there’s a pet involved. However, it is possible with artificial grass from Southwest Greens of New Mexico. Our artificial grass for dogs is not only durable and pet-proof, it also makes a lush, safe play area for kennels, dog runs, doggy day cares, and for dogs who call the entire backyard home.

Safety First

Southwest Greens synthetic grass is strong and durable enough to stand up to any wear and tear that your furry friends may cause. With our New Mexico pet grass, you never have to worry about those pesky mud puddles again. Our artificial grasses are made out of recycled materials that help to keep the environment clean and pollution free. Safety is our number one priority, and one of the best things about artificial turf is that you never have to worry about exposing your dog to the abundance of harmful chemicals that are usually present in conventional lawns, such as weed killer, pesticides and fertilizers. Plus, our grass is durable enough to withstand even the most adventurous canine, preventing them from digging while also keeping away pests and rodents.

Brindle pit bull lays on sunny artificial grass for dogs

Cleaning your Pet Grass in New Mexico

Our pet turf is top of the line, made with Tencate MSPRO monofilament yarn (antimicrobial) and able to drain liquids in excess of 300 inches per hour. Whether from rain or pet waste, you won’t ever have to worry about standing water or bacteria buildup.  It’s also easy to clean—simply pick up solid waste and hose down the surface. For an extra-deep clean, you can spray the artificial grass with a simple mixture of vinegar and water. For larger areas, spread a layer of vinegar over the zone, being extra mindful of the most used spaces, and then spray down the entire area with water from your garden hose.

Installing artificial grass is a lifestyle change. You will have more money, time and energy to use elsewhere. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars trying to keep that perfect shade of green, because it already comes installed that way. You’ll have the perfect shade of green year-round and will never have to worry about your pup coming in muddy and grass-stained. Instead of wasting valuable time and energy mowing, weeding and fertilizing, you can now relax and spend quality time with your dog. Contact us today to start your installation!