Putting Greens

Perfect Your Golf Game with a Backyard Putting Green Installation

Have you ever thought of perfecting your stroke on your very own backyard putting green? The quality of your golf game shouldn’t be determined by the climate you live in! Now, it doesn’t have to. A residential putting green design made from the finest artificial turf is just what the doctor ordered.

Southwest Greens is proud to offer custom designed backyard putting greens that elevate the aesthetics of your backyard and your golf game! Plus, we offer custom indoor installations and create a design perfect for you – no matter the space. We understand the cost of a backyard putting green installation and can help you navigate any twist and turns that come about. Bottom line? When you choose an artificial backyard putting green from Southwest Greens, you’re getting more than the ideal space to perfect your stroke! You’re making a long-lasting professional relationship, which is constantly nurtured out of our commitment to excellence! We keep our clients involved throughout the entire process, and don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied with the job. Integrity, honesty, and a good work ethic is something we strive for every day.

Fast Backyard Putting Green Installation Done Right the First Time

The professionally trained crew at Southwest Greens can finish your putting green installation quickly and efficiently! Plus, once your backyard chipping green is installed, it will remain in tip-top shape for years to come. You can stop worrying about maintaining your green and start focusing on perfecting your game! Because it’s artificial, no watering, fertilizing, or maintenance is required. Our sand filled greens offer unrivaled support for our bent-grass synthetic turf! Your game will reap the benefits of a green that plays in exceptionally real fashion. The look, feel, and consistency of our synthetic turf putting greens will remind you of the greens on your favorite New Mexico courses!

Whether you’re chipping or putting, you’ll experience the same results you would on a natural grass green, allowing for improvement in the comfort of your own home. Are you ready to play on the same putting surfaces that pro-golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Jim Furyk, Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Adam Scott, and many more use?


Choose Our Environmentally Friendly Artificial Turf for Your Backyard!

Not to mention we care about our impact on the environment. Shaw helps us recycle old artificial grass through the Green Edge Recycling Program, which gives new life to artificial grass that has fulfilled its purpose! Did you know turf can be recycled into carpet backing, meta, rugs, and more? This makes it easy to feel good about your purchase. So, go on! Invest in a little fun the whole family can enjoy, With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why so many Albuquerque homeowners are choosing Southwest Greens for their putting green installations!

Claim your Free Putting Green Quote Today

As a dealer of Southwest Putting Greens International, we are able to draw upon the assistance of other successful dealers for advice, labor assistance, and support. This ensures a job done better than anyone else in the industry, with the best products in the industry! Give us the opportunity to install your next artificial turf surface today! No matter a design for a large commercial space or one for a small backyard putting green, we have the perfect solution. Call Southwest Greens New Mexico today for a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of installing a backyard putting green?

Installing a backyard putting green offers several benefits, including convenient practice opportunities, improved golf skills, and an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Is artificial turf suitable for putting greens, and how does it compare to natural grass?

Yes, artificial turf is an excellent choice for putting greens. It offers consistent play, requires minimal maintenance, and is resistant to weather conditions. It compares favorably to natural grass, especially in terms of durability.

Can you customize the size and design of the putting green to fit my backyard space?

Absolutely! Southwest Greens specializes in custom designs, ensuring your putting green fits your available space and meets your design preferences.

How long does the installation process take, and what does it involve?

Our professional crew is trained to complete the installation efficiently. The timeframe depends on the size and complexity of your project. Installation involves preparing the ground, laying the artificial turf, and adding sand for support.

Do I need to perform any maintenance on the artificial putting green?

No, artificial putting greens require minimal maintenance. You won’t need to water, fertilize, or mow them. Regular brushing and occasional leaf blowing are usually sufficient to keep it in top shape.

Is artificial turf environmentally friendly?

Yes, we prioritize environmental responsibility. We participate in the Green Edge Recycling Program to recycle old artificial grass, reducing waste and giving it a new purpose. This sustainable approach aligns with our commitment to the environment.

Can I expect the same playing experience as on natural grass greens?

Yes, our synthetic turf putting greens provide a realistic playing experience. You’ll enjoy the look, feel, and consistency of our greens, similar to natural grass. Many pro-golfers also use our surfaces for practice.

How can I get a free quote for my backyard putting green installation?

Obtaining a free quote is easy! Simply give us a call at Southwest Greens New Mexico, and our team will provide you with a customized quote based on your specific requirements.

What sets Southwest Greens apart from other artificial turf providers?

Southwest Greens is part of a network of successful dealers and has access to the best products and industry expertise. Our commitment to excellence, customer involvement, and top-quality materials make us a top choice for artificial turf installations.