Considering the environmental benefits of synthetic turf

Our synthetic turf products offer a great many benefits. They are of course the most realistic products on the market in terms of look and feel. They also require very little of you in the way of maintenance, allowing you to reclaim the time and money you once spent on yard work. And of course we can’t forge the aesthetic beauty they can add to any outdoor space, and the value they can add to your home. There is another benefit that you might have overlooked, and that is the positive affect that artificial grass can have environmentally.

What does it mean for the environment when we say that our synthetic turf products require no watering, mowing or fertilizing? Well, it means a few things. For one, it provides a very real opportunity to conserve water. Think of our warm summers, and how much water you use in order to keep your natural grass looking its finest green. In an instant, artificial grass can change that, and the water you save as a result of your artificial turf installation will translate into lower water bills as well. This means extra money in your pocket, and that is always a good thing.

If you mow your lawn using a gas mower, you are doing damage to the air around you that you may not even be aware of. A 2001 Swedish study concluded that air pollution from cutting grass for an hour with a gasoline powered lawn mower is about the same as that from a 100-mile automobile ride. Despite having small engines, gas mowers emit supersize amounts of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and more. An artificial grass installation will allow you to put away that mower and its harmful emissions for good.

Think for a moment about the lawn care products you use to fertilize your lawn while killing weeds, insects, etc. Many of these products contain harmful pesticides that can have negative affects on human beings. Artificial grass requires none of these products to maintain its perfect look and feel.

No one expects you to install artificial grass solely for the environmental benefits. The fact that you can be environmentally conscious while enjoying a perfect looking yard year-round is a wonderful added benefit, however, and one we can all feel good about.