Artificial Playground Grass

Artificial Playground Grass

Rigorously tested, child-approved commercial and backyard playground surfacing applications in New Mexico

Southwest Greens New Mexico provides the safest, most durable playground grass on the market. The high-performance, artificial surface is good for a variety of recreational activities, providing the safety and security you want your children playing on.


Our products utilize a rubberized underlay that complies with ASTM Fall Height Standards and can lessen the impact of falls, giving parents peace of mind, especially in areas where children are more likely to take a tumble. Our products use only the highest-grade synthetic turf to give you a realistic and practical substitute to real grass on the market.

Southwest Greens products use advanced PlayBase™ formatted and created by Brock backing system to give the playground grass the flexibility it needs to conform to the desired slopes of the area. The PlayBase™ backing ensures maximum drainage with minimal moisture build-up, which means quicker down time between play.


Sun rays on colorful playground with turf system
Playground with Playbase artificial grass system

The PlayBase™ system is the only system that has been specifically designed for synthetic turf playgrounds. Every feature has been thoroughly tested to ensure that our products meet the highest standards.

Our playground products are made out of 100 percent high-grade, expanded polypropylene. Once you install our artificial playground grass, you won’t have to worry about fungi, bacteria or chemicals. Since all our products are durable, pet and child safe, and decay resistance, you won’t have to worry about replacement or decontamination either.



If you are looking for the perfect playground environment, then Southwest Greens New Mexico has the solution you need. Parents, guardians and school administrators are always on the lookout for the safest and most durable products on the line, and nobody meets these qualities as well as Southwest Greens.

Dead grass is a thing of the past since you can install synthetic turf products from Southwest Greens in areas with high traffic to prevent wear and patching. You can rest assured that with our products, your kids can play longer, harder and safer with the extra assurance that we meet all playground grass standards. We are the number one choice by parents’ when it comes to protecting their kids from falls.

Regardless of the nature of your location, whether it be a commercial playground, day care, or backyard play area, we are positive we have a product that will meet your needs. Southwest Greens New Mexico is the expert in playground and outdoor turf installations. Contact us today for your free consultation. When you install with Southwest Greens, you are installing the best.