Putting Greens: The Perfect Backyard Upgrade for Summer

Boy learning to play golf on artificial putting green in Albuquerque

Summertime means high temperatures, backyard barbecues and lazy pool days. It’s also the perfect time to upgrade your backyard so you can get the most out of it this season! Southwest Greens of New Mexico has installed artificial grass putting greens throughout Albuquerque so homeowners across the state can enjoy better gameplay and lower scores. Out team has detailed just a few reasons backyard putting greens might be right for you, too:

Fun for Everyone

Putting greens are an easy crowd-pleaser. Golf helps children build hand-eye coordination while they are playing. Adults also enjoy how easy it is to practice their skills right at home! Our artificial putting greens look and perform just like natural grass, so you will be able to take your skills straight to your favorite golf course.

Custom Configurations

With Southwest Greens of New Mexico, you can customize your putting green installation to match the topography in your backyard. Rolling hills, slope variations, undulations, and other features can all be taken into consideration when your course is designed. We even give you the option to choose from specific types of turf that will be used to create your perfect putting green:

  • SWG Nylon Putt
  • SWG Mini-Putt Pro
  • SWG Nylon Fringe
  • SWG Putting Green

Professional Partnerships

Southwest Greens has been partnered with Nicklaus Design since 2004. This partnership gives us exclusive access to Golden Bear premium-grade artificial grass. This is a great upgrade for any golfer who wants next-level practice greens in their own backyard. We can also incorporate Nicklaus Designs ranging from 500 to 5,000 square feet. Simply choose your configuration and let our team do the rest!

Certified Installation

DIY grass installations can come up short or even look lumpy after installation. Our installation teams are certified by Southwest Greens, so you can feel confident that your new putting green installation will look and perform just the way it’s meant to. Our professional installation also comes with a one-year workmanship warranty. That’s in addition to the one-year manufacturer’s warranty you already get. We’d call that a worthwhile guarantee!

Environmentally Friendly

We care about our impact on the environment. Shaw helps us recycle artificial grass through the Green Edge Recycling Program, which gives new life to artificial grass that has fulfilled its purpose. Infill is removed mechanically, separated, then put through a cleansing process before it is reused. Turf itself can be recycled into carpet backing, meta, rugs, and more. This makes it easy to feel good about your purchase.

It’s time to invest in a little fun the whole family can enjoy. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why so many Albuquerque homeowners choose Southwest Greens of New Mexico for their artificial grass putting green installations. Contact us today to claim your free consultation.