Southwest Greens Installs Tour-Quality Putting Greens!

When you have a putting green installed in your home one of the most important things to you is that you get the best product for your money.  Southwest Greens New Mexico is locally owned by two brothers born and raised in New Mexico.  Here at Southwest Greens, our priority is to ensure that we install the best putting greens in the state of New Mexico.  We ensure this by personally overseeing all of our green and turf installations.

Also, our greens are made of a proprietary polypropylene fiber that is extruded in a way that makes the fibers soft enough to look and behave like a real green.   Most other companies use a nylon turf with no infill for an easier installation.

Backyard putting green with tour greens quality Southwest Greens International, which is owned by Shaw industries the largest carpet manufacturer in the world gets all turf manufactured in-house. With our proprietary polypropylene product created by Shaw, we have access to one of the longest fibers on the market for our green installations. This help makes our greens soft and behave like real greens but ensures durability. Other advantages of our polypropylene greens are that they are more weather resistant, chemical resistant and have better color pallet than nylon.

If you are investing in a putting green you want to be able to practice on it and seamlessly move to the golf course without making any adjustments to your game. At Southwest Greens we also use a polyurethane cushion system and we infill our greens with a silica sand which gives our greens the look and feel of real greens. When putting on our greens they react and behave just like a real green, unlike nylon greens.

You cannot go wrong using Southwest Greens for you Golf Green installation just see some of the Pros that have greens from Southwest Greens like Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Jim Furyk, and many more.